The mayor of Bogotá announces new security measures for the country’s capital.

Carlos Fernando Galán, mayor of Bogotá, announced new security measures that will be implemented to mitigate the crime wave that has been harming the citizens of the capital.

According to official sources, 700 police officers will arrive in the city to reinforce security in the streets. As well as, the poster of the most wanted in several crimes, starting with homicide and robbery, will be announced.

Galán added that before, each entity such as the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, the citizens, the Army and the commerce were acting in isolation, but in order to address the urgency of the situation it is essential to articulate them.

The mayor added that there will be 700 additional police officers in the city, which will be distributed strategically to strengthen the lockdown plan that will be carried out in different strategic points of the city.

He added that two additional helicopters and drones will be available for citizen security, which will monitor the areas of the Circunvalar, Usaquen, the NQS and Chapinero.

The mayor invited citizens to report criminal acts, no matter how small they may seem, in order to generate alerts in time.

The mayor added that “Daily, we are capturing 83 people for different reasons. In the Most Wanted cartel there are 25 people accused of different crimes for drug trafficking or crimes as serious as homicide. The reward is up to 50 million pesos”.

On the other hand, Leonor Merchán Lopera, the sectional director of the Prosecutor’s Office, stated that more than 700 people have been prosecuted for different crimes and that they have an arrest warrant in force.

She also added that there will be undercover agents to monitor areas such as Transmilenio, some restaurant areas and some neighborhoods of Bogota.

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