Risk Management in business trips

Pro Risk Group is an integral security solution for the logistics of your business trips in matters of prevention and risk management. Thanks to our experience operating in Latin America, we have the ability to attend and anticipate situations that supose a risk to your employees

International Security

Pro Risk Group has a broad portfolio of protection security services and bodyguards, from the initial consultancy phase to the materialized execution in logistics and development of protocols and security groups adapting to the needs of the client.

For this, our company has highly qualified and updated security personnel in intelligence, defense, prevention, weapons handling, defensive and evasive driving. We have security services and bodyguards with bilingual staff and bodyguards according to the needs of the client.

Risk Consulting & Conflict Resolution

Pro Risk Group has a preventive mentality and for this reason we take care of making a complete security analysis of your organization to identify gaps and in this way to create strategies to cover those fronts that can mean a risk or a challenge to your organization, depending on your activity , the profile of collaborators or employees, their daily activities, the territory and the current moment of the organization.
If we must have a reactive response, Prorisk has highly qualified and experienced personnel to face different types of situations, the strength of our work team is based on the reaction to the different issues that a company or worker may have. For this purpose, we periodically train our private team to respond to different attacks, from a simple robbery to threats that compromise the lives of their workers. Prorisk works with crisis and security management consultants, researchers, protection agents (EP, CPO, Bodyguards) and technology experts.

VIP Ground And Air transportation services

Pro Risk Group is interested in providing a Premium and Integral service. Therefore, it has high-end ground and air security-services-and-bodyguards. Aircraft (Charter) and armored or conventional 4×4 vehicles are at your disposal to make your experience as safe and comfortable as possible.
Additionally we offer different types of vehicles such as mini van, van and bus. We adapt to the needs of our clients with daily, monthly or annual security-services-and-bodyguards

Special and Advanced Training

We provide training service for companies, security schemes, private military contractors and maritime security.

Our specialized courses in the use and tactical handling of short  and long range weapons, Protection of People (PSD) in hostile environments, against terrorism, surveillance and safe driving.

The trainers staff has worldwide experience.

Other security services and bodyguardss

Corporate risk management

Due diligence

Background checks